Friday, April 2, 2010

Introduction to Chess Analysis And Discussion

the initial moves of a chess game hold a particular fascination for those who play the game. this is reflected in the fact that chess-players at all levels devote the greatest part of the study to what are called "opening". put simply , opening are sequences of early moves: well discus exactly what qualifies as an opening as we go along. players normally study the openings that may potentially appear in there own game, after all, no body wants to incur a disadvantage before the game warms up, and every chess-players would like to gain an advantage over this opponent right out of the blocks.
thus we find the chess literature vast number of books about particular opening and opening systems. more has been written about the initial phase of the game that about any other chess topic, whether the  middle game , end game, history, strategy, attack or defence. there are also encyclopaedias, magazines, CDs, DVDs, Videos, and website devoted society to opening moves. we refer to such material in general as opening theory or simply theory, within most fundamental openings there are seemingly countless subsystem (called " variation " ) and still further division material info "sub-variation". it is not uncommon to see large book devoted exclusively to variations or even sub-variations. fortunately, opening are usually named, so we can communicate about them without explicitly having to resat, for example first nine move played bye both sides.
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