Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Chess Game is Anand - Karpov

The chess game was played king of chess Anand -  king of ches Karpov,

1 e1 c6 2 d4 d5 3 e5 Bf5 4 Nc3 e6 5 g4 Bg6 6 Nge2 Ne7   7 f4

as we show above, once f4 is in, it's less likely that 7....f6!? will do any good, white simply shores up the center by 8 Be3, when 8...fe5 9 fe5 gives white f4 for his knight. I should add thet in some lines in which white plays h4-h5 instead of f4, f6 is the best defence.

8 Ng3!? cd4 9 Nb5 Ne6! 10 f5 Bc5 11 Nd6+ 

Blacks point is that after 11 fg6 fg6 he pics up a second pawn and threatens the total decimation  of white center by  ...Ne5 then 12 Qe2 0-0 prepares Nd7 wining the last centre pawn, and then 13 g5 (to get Bh3 in) runs into 13 Qb6! 14 Bh3 d3!  15 Qd3 (15 cd3 Qb5) 15...Ne5 and everything falls apart. notice how this was a consequence of ...c5 and ...cd4, although by no means a necessary one. and in fact later games improved for white before this point in the game. 11 Bd6 12 ed6 Qd6 13 Bg2
13fg6? fg6! is strong (black has the open strong f file a big cenre and 3 pawns for the piece) in fact ...fg6 usually the correct answer in the french and similar structure, having said that even 13...hg6!? sets up the rogue tactic 14 Bg2? Rh2!


now black threatens to escape with the bishop.

14 fg6 hg6 15 0-0

white steers clear of  ....Rh2 again

15 Nd7 16 Rf2 0-0-0 17 c3 dc3 18 bc3 Nb6!

although black has only two pawns for the piece, he more than make up for it with the mobile centre, c4 output and king site attack, white went to win, but not because of the opening. attacking the base was correct decision.
Really the chess game is good chess game. please the chess game try to analysis yourself


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